W5-FR-SP Full Range Bookshelf Speakers

We are delighted to announce the W5-FR-SP. This unique loudspeaker stands out from its competition by proving itself more than capable of full range output from an extremely compact form — a feat which most bulky full range speakers struggle to achieve.


The W5-FR-SP  is capable of delivering high-quality sound without the need for an extra crossover circuit and does so with high efficiency (sensitivity: 88 dB). These bookshelf-sized speakers readily pair with any amplifier. Aesthetically, they blend seamlessly and beautifully into any interior design.

Unlike most other Full Ranger designs on the market, which leverage ‘back loaded horn’ cabinet designs to enhance bass — often resulting in a big, heavy, tall-stand enclosures, Enigma Lab created a ‘vented box’ design, using front-venting apertures to enhance bass output. This was the highly successful result of a great deal of effort and extensive lab time devoted to establishing a completely different approach to loudspeaker design.

To further enhance bass performance we add a simple fine-tuned BSC circuit (Battle Step Compensationand reconfigured the circuit to eliminate the increasing high-frequency issue plaguing most full range drivers.





The beautifully smooth frequency response results tested with CLIO and DASS systems are highly satisfactory: Only 1 dB of deviation across the majority of the frequency bands, which is exactly how Hi-Fi Speakers should be.



Feedbacks from many practicing musicians, including violists, pianists, and vocal artists helped enhance and perfect the loudspeaker design, resulting in a crafted piece of work whose pure and simple sound will amaze you.

DIYers can modify the Q-Factor by adjusting the quantity of acoustic fibers or upgrade BSC circuit board components to fine tune to personal taste.

Product Specifications
W5-FR-SP Compact Size Full Range Bookshelf Loudspeakers
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