Sopranino Sound-field Restoration Device (SRD)

The Gorgeous Electrostatic SRD Takes your system to new height

Sopranino is an electrostatics super tweeter of industry-leading design and acoustic engineering that has accurately handcrafted crystal-clear glass cabinet that  enhance your delicate loudspeaker system to perfection that you will never take it away.

Patented Technology and Easy of Use


Through advantage of the patented SBESL (Self-Biased Electrostatic Loudspeaker) technology, there is no need for an additional power source or DC bias to drive the piece of electrostatics speaker unit.

You are only required to connect your loudspeaker to your Sopranino to enjoy extraordinary sound like never before.

Notably, at the CES 2013, the SBESL was named as “the Greatest Technology Breakthrough”.

As adding a salt seasoning to food improves its taste and palatability, Sopranino improves the quality of your tweeter and takes your loudspeaker system to a new height by accentuating its vocal and bass.

Handcrafted to Perfection


This device, which is packed inside a 12mm crystal glass stand, demands super-high precision and 100% attention masterstroke by experienced glass craftsman. This is to ensure that it correlates with the crystal clarity that the music has. Sopranino is a masterpiece – an unrivaled combination of acoustic engineering and industrial design.

Product Specifications
Sopranino Electrostatistics Super Tweeter
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