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The Birth of EL34-10W

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The Birth of EL34-10W Single-Ended Class-A Tube Amplifier

February 4, 2018

The Birth of EL34-10W Single-Ended Class-A Tube Amplifier


The design of EL34-10W fully demonstrates the simplicity of a vacuum-tube circuit, the sound is extraordinary, showing a big difference from transistor or Class D designs. The antique components, giving a high bandwidth and linearity while adding an emphasis on its handmade craft skills, are again brought to life to create beautiful sounds—when being played by this small tabletop machine.

The best recommendation is to try it out yourself—you will get to know the fun part in building your own amplifier. You can try out new components, just like testing different parts on your car. You can experiment how different components contribute to the different characteristics of the sounds. Sometimes you’ll be amazed that every single component matters.

Let this article brings you to the journey of the birth of EL34-10W.


Accommodating to modern cozy living room for a Couple or fit to the size of your reading room, a 8-10W tube amplifier is good enough to pair with high efficient bookshelf loudspeakers like AP-1 or LS35-SP. Class A power amplifier is always the classic representative of supreme amplifier with super low distortion, and among this category, Class A with single-ended vacuum tube is no doubt the best of the best!

Then comes the choice of power vacuum tube. 300B definitely comes to the top list for Class A SET amplifier due to its good linearity, low noise and good stability, yet 300B can only deliver 7-8W with SET design, while pentode tube can be designed to have 10W output, which gives more dynamic range of different music lovers. And considering the fun part of tube replacement for DIY kits, Pentode with international octal base has many alternative vacuum tubes out there you can replace with, such as EL34, EL84, 6CL6, SY4307A. After numerous trials and tests, we finally chose EL34 to start with.

The Tube Circuit Design


Concise and exquisite circuit diagram:

Fig 1

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