Mythology M1 - High Fidelity Bookshelf LoudSpeakers

The most groundbreaking and fascinating hi-end compact full-range sound system ever made.

With utmost delight and pride, ENIGMAcoustics introduces its high-end music playback which is undoubtedly the most unsullied full-range loudspeaker system ever made by any company.

After testing several high-end loudspeaker drivers available for thousands of hours, ENIGMAcoustics took time to design its own groundbreaking driver with seamless rollover filter for minimum phase distortion and time domain accuracy to provide the most powerful performance imaginable.

ENIGMAcoustics emphatically uses the high-precision Kippel and FEA design system to adjust the features and conduct an analysis of predictive vibration to ensure that each loudspeaker has high linearity and low distortion. The result of this effort is highly fascinating for the team and has received recognition. Its precision design ensures that it comforts the ear and everyone at any given time.

When designing Mythology M1, the acoustic engineer also keep in mind to match state-of-art Sopranino super tweeter and deliver sound the audiophiles would crazy about.


The concept behind the hybrid material structure is utilized by ENIGMAcoustics in designing the integrated speaker stand which has a rigid solid aluminum post, bottom plates, additional think top, and perfect tempered glass that is basically designed to offer superior acoustics transparency like never before.

Product Specifications
Mythology M1 High Fidelity Bookshelf Loudspeakers
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