M1-JA Limited Edition High Fidelity Bookshelf Speakers DIY kits

30 sets only

An excellent design and scrupulously crafted bookshelf speakers that offers top notch music experience. This bookshelf speaker system is a hand-crafted mechanical design that can fit easily into your office and home. The speakers deliver a clean and beautiful musical performance whenever your turn the amplifier on.  The mid-woofer surrounds reduces eliminate unwanted distortions and produce an unequivocally awesome sound. Very clear and punchy bass sounds!

The design ensures that no screw is seen on the outside after assembly. The combination of laminated birch wood, aerodynamic aluminum and flawless tempered glass delivers an unparalleled higher harmonic energy and puts out a great sound.

Enigmacoustics home-made high fidelity 35mm soft textile dome tweeter and 180mm Mica cone mid-woofer units

Speakers are with hybrid-grade crossover filters that enable the speakers play the right frequencies, supplying amazing sounding lows and highs- basically you can turn your speaker louder or higher without distorting but still get the best of clear sound. The M1-JA Limited Edition speakers are designed to produce accurate responses along the entire frequency spectrum.

M1-JA Bookshelf Speakers DIY kits  (Limited Edition)
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