LS35-SP LS3/5 Size Bookshelf Speaker

Using the same Mid-Woofer as Kiso Acoustics HB-X1, LS35-SP utilizes this 4 inches driver to improve its bass, and makes use of a double-ring radiator tweeter to increase the frequency to 40khz. This LS3/5 size book-shelf loudspeaker will amaze you, and you will savor much lower bass that the LS3/5 is capable of offering.

LS35-SP high efficient loudspeaker is designed for Tube Amplified and perfectly matched with all Joy Audio Tube Amplifiers from 10W and above.

Computer-aided cross-over and hundred hours of adjustment to suit the drivers and achieve great frequency response from 60Hz - 40KHz smoothly

Product Specifications
LS35-SP LS3/5 Size Bookshelf Loudspeakers
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