Join “JAMA Club” and Earn

Joy Audio is a community platform belongs to every audiophile, and it’s also a place where audiophile can contribute and make it monetary.

Joy Audio Master Associate (JAMA) Program is designed for the enthusiastic audiophiles to own their own fans and own business through exchange of your special-design finished DIY products, or providing assembly or troubleshooting services.

Benefits of JAMA Club Members:
  • Instant discount of every purchase

  • JAMA-classified DIY kits with great discount

  • Advert your goods on “JAMA Market”

  • Your referee enjoys immediate discount with your unique voucher id

  • Host your own Club (sub-forum) privately or publicly, so to build your own reputation in your language or your neighborhood, your class, or your specialty.

  • Provide service of assembly or repair in your area, leads passed by Joy Audio

  • Upgrade to higher level members to enjoy better discount

  • Protect your "Region": Your claimed region will be protected and exclusive on first-come-first-serve basis. As long as you keep having activities to do live demo every month and continuous orders in 3 months. 

To be a JAMA Club Member:
  • Purchased over $1,000 and built as least one Joy Audio Amplifier or LoudSpeaker. Please provide your invoice no. and send mail to

  • Education Program: If you are a teacher and would like to open Audio DIY class, please send mail to us and provide your certificate and plan. 

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