EL34-10W   SE Pure Class-A 10W Tube Amplifier

We are pleased to announce the new high-quality JJ EL34 10W Tube Amplifier with single-ended class A circuit so that it will be capable of powering most of the speakers with more than 86dB sensitivity and equally provide warm and unique sound that can soothe your heart.

cathode self-biased circuit is used in EL34 output stage so that bias adjustment is prevented as the tube grows older or another tube is put into use. This high-quality single-ended JJ EL34 output stage has great performance wide frequency with ENIGMAcoustics IE-core output transformer.

ECC803S, a long plate spiral filament design tube, was selected by us as the input stage to provide smooth linearity and, most essentially, great sound quality. We ensure that high-quality and great sounding On-Semi MC7812A is used as the filament regulator so that we can make sure there is a reduction in the hum interference coming from the input stage.

Strong bass and high-frequency extension are delivered by the specially made multi-layer air-gapped transformer with Ultra high-performance El-core specially designed by ENIGMAcoustics Lab.

For the bias circuit of the power tube output stage, DALE 10W resistor that affects the quality of sound is primarily made use of, and it is hard for you to find this special component in DIY kits available in the market today.

To ensure durability and audiophile-grade sound reproduction, Vishay BC and Muse high-temperature capacitors are put to use. ALPS RK27 super potentiometer is used for the input end so that input source that will be lost is minimal.

EL34-10W Single Ended Class A 10W Tube Amplifier
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