ECC82-HP  SE Class-A Tube Headphone Amplifier   

JAMA Classified

Single-ended Class-A headphone amplifier built around ECC82 tube and turn your headphone into audiophile-grade masterpiece with high quality sound that is addicting and


First-rate components and parts that are carefully handpicked

The important DIY version for use in class instruction or self-learner for those passionate about music

Packaged with PowerMOS, hardware, documents, and ECC82 tube

Only a gain drop of 0.1 dB when used between 1 ~ 100 KHz

THD of 0.007%, making it almost having no distortion

Frequency Response = 10hz (-0.2dB) - 200Khz (-1dB)

Top-quality 2oz gold-plated copper trace is used for easy to solder and exceptional audiophile quality. We carefully designed the PCB circuit so that cross-over picked up between different stages and over-the-air wiring are eliminated; hence, even beginners can use it to get consistent performance.


5 sets of ECC82-HP

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ECC82-HP Single-Ended Class A Tube Headphone Amplifier
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