ECC82-60W  60W Class AB Tube Hybrid Amplifier

ECC82-60W Integrates vacuum tube and high performance semiconductors together to give you Tube sounding harmonics with powerful semiconductor driving capability.


The tube is popular for the reproducing awesome and warm sound while semiconductor is good for high current output, low distortion, and strong driving in a compact size. This small size machine designed by Enigmacoustics Labs takes advantages of these combined features.

To ensure stability for a long period as well as tonal balance, these components are carefully selected. Reputable high-performing ECC82-Gold made in Slovakia is chosen for the front-end 1st stage of the device while output stages are configured with a high-quality integrated circuit (IC) LM3886, a one-of-its-kind device based on its superior tonal quality and known a high current low distortion device. Several protections has been designed around LM3886, well integrated with power up/down de-pop circuit, to ensure its usage even in abnormal operating environments. According An uncompromised energy is offered by the 150W mains transformer even when putting complex impedance loudspeakers to work.

The most superior performance is guaranteed through the aid of heavy duty 2mm that has gold-plated 2-oz copper PCB and well-designed trace. For the extension of the operating life of main capacitors and protection of gold-plated switch and bridge rectifier, power surge compression circuit is added.

Frequency Response = 5 Hz ~ 200Khz

ECC82-60W Class AB 60W Tube Hybrid Amplifier
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