Design Philosophy and Support

Design Philosophy and Support

At Joy Audio kits, selection of high-end products is made with re-designing of the products to ensure that you can build your own products without any need for compromising the quality of performance.


Easy-to-build products

By duly following the steps highlighted in our user manual, even first time amateur easily and successfully build our kits. Screwdriver, solder and soldering iron, and probably a voltmeter are the equipment you need. However, to avoid troubles while building the kits, we recommend that you take time to practice soldering. You should have no problems with soldering after watching soldering videos and learning how it is supposed to look like. The kits have been designed as modulized as possible to avoid unnecessary jumpers or wiring which might have confused you or taken hours to understand. High-end components are also carefully selected to match the design; nevertheless, you are also allowed to fully customize your favorite kit in the world, so as to compare and contrast, which offers you the joy of DIY kits. To ensure 100 success of building the kits, we offer you videos on how to build each kit.

Quality Assurance

Every package is inspected with photos so that we are certain that you have access to what you need. After you get the package, use the inventory list in the user manual to check the parts in the package. If there is any problem, get in touch with us by forwarding the serial number and photos you take to us at

Shipment Return/Damage

For any return to be possible, there is a need for Return number (RMA) first.

Shipment damage must be reported to Joy Audiokits within 7 days of receiving the kits so that we can file a claim for damage inspection with post office or courier.

To report shipment shortage, incorrect items should be returned within 7 days of being received.

Repair Services

If your own-built products malfunction, you can enjoy repair services by our JAMA Master.

1. Place a non-refundable order of $10 for “Repair Service Deposit” here.

2. Your details and the final amount of quotation for our service will be required from you through email to engage our JAMA Master close to your location. Afterward, payment will be requested, and instruction will be provided.

3. Shipping and packing charges for both ways will be your responsibility. Notably, the cost of shipping the products back to you will be part of your quotation. Hence, you are expected to be in charge of shipping the product to us.

4. We implore you to take pictures of parts of your package and ensure that insurance of shipment for the maximum value of the total products returned is provided.

Note: you must remove the vacuum tubes from the Amplifier and pack them in the same package with foam or bubble pack around them. Avoid squeezing by fixing it on the light side of the package.


Since the buyers are the ones building the kits, we cannot offer a warranty on any product. Nevertheless, a 1-year warranty is offered on ENIGMAcoustics Products with registration on


At Joy Audio Kits, we understand that you demand quick responses to your questions; hence, we provide essential guidance so that you can build your kit successfully. To learn about the experience of other audiophiles and get answers to your questions, visit or send us a mail at For troubleshooting or help concerning building service, you can get in touch with JAMA Master around you.

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