Dharma D200  In-ear Headphone

Its simple structure is one of the most significant benefits of single dynamic drivers. The amounts of drivers you possess as well as the complexity of your network will be determined by how much you try to tune the frequency response up and down through the use of a narrow driver unit. If the audible range is covered by one driver, you do not have to increase the numbers of drivers. The simplicity of the structure ensures that you can have a feel of the natural sound of the instrument unsullied. Nevertheless, there are stricter demands on drivers. It will be hard to believe that only the audible band are covered, and entry resistance is satisfied by a single driver, especially when using earphones that have limited driver size.

The driver designed and made by ENIGMAcoustics for the Dharma D200 can cope with a single dynamic driver configuration from 1. Also, several ideas are made use of in utilizing a single dynamic driver by Dharma D200. For instance, it has no compatibility with re-cable, it is cable designed with the silver-copper hybrid conductor. This is a result of the possibility of restriction of the thickness of the cable and the sound required by ENIGMAcoustics if connectors such as two pins and MMCX are used.

Product Specifications
Dharma D200 - High-end In-Ear Headphone
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