AP1-JA Limited Edition Compact Bookshelf Speakers DIY kits

AP1 Limited Edition is one of the finest looking bookshelf speakers to have in your home. These fantastic looking bookshelf sized speakers provide excellent sound, playing classical music with emotion and rock music firmly.

The AP1 DIY kits ensures that audiophiles possess a high-class compact speaker system.  It has well connected and smart speakers that optimize its sound for that position and volume it is playing at. You don’t need to change your room layout to get the quality of sound you deserve

AP1 is made of Full CNC milled metal faceplate for a seamless look. It gives exactly the right combination of strong, artistry, and control. Just what a high-quality speaker should have.  


The baffle set into the cabinet enclosure delivers an ultra-realistic range, gives control over the sound to enhance low-frequency sound and extremely solid under high power sound reproduction.

We took the AP1-JA design further through high-precision Klippel and FEA design system. To fine-tune the parameters to a high standard, minimize unwanted high-frequency diffraction effects and do predictive vibration analysis in a compact cabinet to achieve an excellent performance. But more complex 4th / 4th order crossover with impedance compensation network design, to achieve maximum flat frequency response and lowest distortion and improve high-volume performance and to deliver a super high quality of sound from a small cabinet.

Frequency response : 55Hz ~ 25kHz
Super low distortion
Product Specifications
AP1-JA Compact Bookshelf Speakers DIY kits (Limited Edition)
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