Apocalypse One  AP1 -  Compact Bookshelf LoudSpeakers

Apocalypse AP1 got its design from M1 and had undergone similar cycle to Klippel and FEA design with a smaller enclosure. It, however, has more complex 4th/ 4th order crossover that comes with impedance compensation network design so that it can attain the highest level of flat frequency response and lowest distortion as well as provide super and extraordinary sound quality from a small cabinet.


For the comfort of your house, AP1 is your choicest bookshelf loudspeaker, and the quality of its sound and power will amaze you.

Full CNC metal plated, rigid, powerful, and highly sturdy under a reproduction of high power sound.

"Limited Edition DIY  kits"


Link to store-limited edition AP1 JA*

Link to store-end product AP1

Product Specifications

* "Limited Edition DIY kits" is a limited quantity of DIY kit re-designed from the origin end-products authorized by ENIGMAcoustics

AP1 - Compact Bookshelf Speakers
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