About JOY AUDIO kits

Joy Audio prides itself a community platform created to enable DIY audiophile to create their own handcrafted piece of the high-quality audio system, share their experience and work with other audiophiles within the community or a smaller group that is under the management of individuals that are passionate about music.


Our belief is that the audio systems are the major souls and components of your music. Though perfect frequency response plays a pivotal role in your sound system, there is still more you need to do to get great sound. And this is part of the challenges intriguing everyone in the audio world. There is a need for the good ear of the designer – that is loved by most people that are passionate about good sound and praised by golden ear editors. Therefore, we are highly honored to work with the famous ENIGMAcoustics to re-design world-class high-quality products that come with carefully selected exceptional components and use them to create kits that will be shared with audiophile. During this course, we use the design and quality-to-perfection value of ENIGMAcoustics to work with Enigma LAB in developing professional audio kits that will be shared with several components as well as display how your unabated love for music should look like.

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