About ENIGMAcoustics

Established in 2012, ENIGMAcoustics is the hub of individuals who are passionate about audio and have collectively accumulated decades of expertise and experience in audio design, engineering, and marketing. These audiophiles are connected through their appreciation of Vacuum Tube Amplifierdesign, electrostatic speakers, and the unique features they have.

The creation of the company became significant as a result of the development of patented self-biased electrostatic (SBESL™) technology. Resultantly, the ideas and abstract components of the company turned to business. SBESL technology, which was firstly used in the Sopranino electrostatic super tweeter, is a popular feature of all speaker products from our company. In addition to the use of this technology in designing high-end audio system, ENIGMAcoustics ensures that the design and measurement of the loudspeaker driver are done by Klippel and FEA design system so that parameters will be set and predictive vibration analysis will be done for low distortion and high linearity to be achieved. In their Amplifier series, the transformers of ENIGMAcoustics are also designed to provide stability and high performance. The products of ENIGMAcoustics have been and will continue to be awarded by customers for their easy implementation method, transparency, and ability to create a connection between the wonderful electrostatic sound and the listeners. Some of these highly recognized products of ENIGMAcoustics are the Sopranino, the Athena A1 pure Class A vacuum tube hybrid headphone amplifier, the Dharma D1000 electrostatic/dynamic hybrid stereo headphone, and M1 2-way loudspeaker.

About Enigma LAB

Enigma LAB is a subunit under ENIGMAcoustics which works as the design team specially set up to work on JOY Audio DIY kit products. The design team combines the intense attitude of the design philosophy of ENIGMAcoustics with easy-to-assemble design reasoning to produce the best DIY products for audiophiles.

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